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The only payment method available at the moment on is paysafecard.

What is paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a popular payment method used by many big sites like steam, league of legends and world of tanks.
In order to make a payment using paysafecard you don't need a credit card, bank account, phone number or ID card.
A paysafecard is a piece of paper containing a 16 digit code that is used to make a payment.

Where can I buy paysafecard cards from?

You can find all the locations where you can buy paysafecard from here (click). Enter a location and you will be able to see a map with nearby shops that sell paysafecard cards. It comes available as
Paysafecard is available in many countries.

How can I buy premium points on bugged?

After you buy a paysafecard card, you can go to the user panel (blue or red), click Premium > Buy Premium Points > Enter a few personal data > Choose an ammount (in euro) to pay for premium points > Click continue. You will then get to type a 16 digit code that is printed on your paysafecard card. You should receive the premium points in your account in less than 5 minutes. If you don't create a support ticket on the user panel.


DO NOT give the paysafecard code to anyone. If you do, he can use it and you will probably get scammed.
We do not allow our players to exchange in-game stuff for real money. Players that try to exchange in-game goods for real money will be permabanned.

Do not try to buy paysafecard codes online using paypal / credit cards. Most sites that sell paysafecard codes are created by scammers.

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