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Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 0.1


Ce e diferit fata de cel normal:

Features Removed:

Removed: 90 % of WinSXS
Removed: All Microsoft Store apps
Removed: 3DBuilder
Removed: Accessibility tools
Removed: Advertising.Xaml
Removed: Auto-Rotation Manager
Removed: AutoPlay
Removed: BingWeather
Removed: BioEnrollment
Removed: Cache and temp files
Removed: Contact Data
Removed: ContactSupport
Removed: ContentDeliveryManager
Removed: PlayReady
Removed: StorePurchaseApp
Removed: System Restore
Removed: Text prediction
Removed: Tablet PC
Removed: On-Screen Keyboard (Tablet PC)
Removed: Tips (Get Started)
Removed: Unified Telemetry Client (Asimov)
Removed: User Data Access
Removed: User Data Storage Removed: VCLibs.140.00
Removed: Volume Shadow Copy
Removed: WindowPicker
Removed: Windows Backup
Removed: Block Level Backup Service Engine
Removed: Windows Biometric Service
Removed: Windows Disc Image Burning Tool
Removed: Windows Error Reporting
Removed: Windows Insider Hub
Removed: Windows Mixed Reality
Removed: Windows Recovery
Removed: Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT)
Removed: Speech Recognition
Removed: Tablet PC

System requirements:
+ A x86 / x64 processor with least than 1.0Ghz
+ Least 512 MB RAM
+ Least 16 MB VRAM with support for DirectX9.0
+ Least 5 GB Hard Disk Drive with minimum 5400 RPM.



- After instaling the Windows, you' ll see an error to select language / keyboard :

FIX: I recommend you to select EN (United States)

-Sometimes, after installing Windows, you can't create a new account (online / offline account)

FIX: You need to restart your PC and try again.


Source: Mediafire w10lite

Please note:

I will not promote the piracy, so I don't give you an activator or a key to activate Windows 10 Professional.
That Windows was created by Microsoft Corporation and was modified by Freeman. That Windows is activated with 30 days after installation.
After expired time, you lose all 3-rd parts features (e.g themes). If you want to buy key please search on Microsoft Corporation's site.

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